Published On: Fri, Aug 10th, 2018

The Backstage Pub Opens its Doors in The City of Schenectady

The long awaited reopening of a pillar pub in the City of Schenectady took place on Thursday, August 9th.  Terry Aldrich, a former employee of the previous pub, purchased the business in the beginning of the year.  With help from his family he completely renovated the inside of the building to make it his own.  Everything from the bar to the floor to the ceiling was reshaped in some way shape or form.  Terry a, graduate of SUNY Buffalo, saw this opportunity to take a well know establishment and make it new and exciting.  Terry delicately picked a 10 item menu.  His philosophy was to have a small menu that is great rather then a large menu that is just ok.  The pub offers daily specials for drink and food.  The cocktail list is made of the original prohibition cocktails.  His thought there is “if its not broke then why fix it.”  Terry and crew serve food late and drinks even later.  He wants people to feel welcome.  He wants them to feel at home and comfortable.  He promises to strive for great service, food and drinks because anyone can go someplace and grab a beer but why not make it the Backstage!

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